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Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

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PiFi Technologies offer a wide range of services to equip your organisation in smoother operations, building a new service line, onboarding a new platform, transitioning to a new technology, deploying a product to reviewing and building processes and playbooks.

Our team of professionals work in identifying your IT assets, creating an asset inventory, proposing a SIEM solution to aggregate the logs from your Security Devices such as IDS, IPS, Firewall, Proxy, Domain Controller, Active Directory, Anti-virus (AV) Logs, Endpoint logs to one common server to be able to collect, view, filter, triage and analyse the logs to detect suspicious activity and protect your organisation from attacks by threat actors. We will also provide reports for your management on the number of incidents detected, type of attacks and incidents mitigated.

We work with your existing security team to understand your current risks, threats, and attacks that your organisation's business critical systems are exposed to while your infrastructure is connected to the internet.

Our Intel experts will provide actionable intelligence on newly discovered vulnerabilities, exploits being used, patches released, bulletins on sector/industry/region specific campaigns, threat reports on tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) being used by threat actors in their campaigns.

We will work with your team in providing the Threat Intel feeds to sync with your existing SIEM platform to uncover APTs or threats inside your organisation's network.

Our certified professionals help in identifying, prioritising and classifying vulnerabilities in your systems, applications and infrastructure.

We provide quality reports to your management in order to fix the most critical vulnerabilities to safeguard your infrastructure from intruders and attackers.

Our qualified penetration testers and ethical hackers perform an in-depth penetration test and have performed black box, grey box and white box testing. 


The team uses state of the art technologies in uncovering critical vulnerabilities which can be exploited to bypass security mechanisms in your infrastructure.

We test the systems/applications using OWASP & NIST methodologies to provide quality report for your management.

Source code reviewing requires line by line analysis of the code used in the software. Our professionals use sophisticated tools that help in identifying vulnerabilities or error in the code that could be exploited by attackers.

The bugs in the code could be used by attackers to use advanced exploitation techniques such as Buffer Overflows, Race conditions, SQL Injection, XSS or Cross Site Scripting attacks. Therefore, performing code review is essential to minimise the risk of attack exploiting the source code of application.

Process review is crucial in identifying loopholes in the process and also play an important factor in enhancing the efficiency of business processes thereby, increasing the resource utilisation and profitability of revenue. 


Our team of professionals will help you in identifying the gaps in your existing processes, IT infrastructure and policies used in security devices and then provide you the right consultation in choosing an appropriate vendor and product to match your actual requirements for enhancing your cyber security.

Get in touch with our team to know more about our services! 

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